Aesthetic Implications of Ceramic Modeling of Handicrafts

2022/4/15 17:32:23

Shape is the first impression that ceramics bring to the viewer. Shape, color and decoration constitute the unique charm of ceramics and are also important elements of aesthetic experience. Artistic modeling reflects the materialized culture of ceramics, and people integrate their aesthetic cognition and understanding into the modeling, thus creating the unique aesthetic feelings of handicraft ceramics. The development of Chinese ceramics is largely influenced by the tea culture, and behind the tea culture contains the ancient Chinese aesthetic standards of femininity and magnificence. Influenced by Chinese philosophy, handicraft ceramics pay attention to the surface of the utensils that are crystal clear, clear and clean. , These aesthetic cognition requirements also have a great impact on the creative techniques of handicraft ceramic creators.

The craftsmanship of ceramics pays attention to the fusion of exquisiteness and skill, and the painting technique combines imagination and reality, and finally the aesthetic concept is displayed in the form of utensils. For viewers, ceramics are not only a piece of equipment, but also a collection of aesthetic concepts. The handicraft ceramics mainly reflected in the art of utensils are also changing people's way of life with their aesthetic characteristics. In the process of using handicraft ceramics, people feel the wisdom of nature and the yearning for a better life, which has also created the emergence of the ceramic culture trend. It can be said that from the perspective of culture and aesthetic meaning, ceramics is a cultural Materialize.

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