Aesthetic form and value thinking of craft ceramic art works

2022/4/15 17:22:05

The aesthetic wave of the times also provides new ideas for the development of some cutting-edge designers. How to create artistic works with unique aesthetic value and characteristics is a problem that every ceramic designer in the new era needs to consider. Ceramics have a profound cultural heritage. They show round, full, vigorous and powerful ceramics in simple and elegant artistic forms, and make dignified, charming, rich and dense ceramic works become the representatives of ceramic art works in the new era. Designers need to truly understand the cultural and artistic values carried by ceramics, and integrate aesthetic taste into ceramic creation through inheriting tradition and using their own unique wisdom, Truly create high-quality ceramics and bid farewell to rough manufacturing, which is the bottom line that modern ceramic creators need to adhere to .

(1) Pay attention to the beauty of form
When exploring the artistic characteristics of craft ceramics, it is inevitable to study the physical form of craft ceramics itself. First of all, high-quality craft ceramic art works have very exquisite processing technology, especially in the case of relatively backward technical conditions in ancient times, many craft ceramics are carved by craftsmen day after day. In this way, the creation process of these craft ceramics is very fine, and the grasp of every detail is very in place, which also improves the value of these works to a certain extent. Secondly, in terms of physical form, the modeling of craft ceramic art works also reflects the elegant curve beauty, which makes people feel a kind of feminine beauty and has the power to turn decay into magic. Many craft ceramic works have different artistic shapes, which are based on some common utensils in life. For example, vases, tea sets, etc. can be said to carry out artistic processing again on the basis of life itself, and gradually develop a deeper artistic civilization under the condition that the basic needs of life have been met. Art works must be built on the basis of physical form, and reflect the corresponding artistic pursuit through the changes of physical form. Through the external physical form, we can realize the dissemination of culture and the exchange of ideas through cultural transmission, which can effectively improve the overall artistic level of craft ceramic works.
(2) Pay attention to pattern creation
The patterns on the ceramic surface of handicrafts have very superb artistic value, which can be described as the finishing touch of the whole ceramic works. These patterns are rich and colorful with different forms, and the materials of these patterns are relatively flexible. Many patterns are common animals and plants in life. These creative materials themselves have certain symbolic significance in Chinese civilization. Many people especially like lotus, bamboo, plum blossom, tiger and birds. By creating these patterns on the surface of ceramic works, they first bring a visual feast, making more and more people more inclined to watch these ceramic works. Then it also improves the value of ceramic works. Then, these pattern creation materials also represent a certain expectation, reflecting the moral and yearning for a better life, so they will be loved by more and more people. The design creation is extremely exquisite, and many details are unique, which can be described as vivid and extremely realistic. Ancient literati and dignitaries are very keen on collecting some high-quality craft ceramic works. They are often most concerned about these patterns. In the long-term development, creative craftsmen can use more and more complex techniques to depict patterns, which greatly improves the delicacy of these patterns. Today, the society still has a very rich creative system of craft ceramics, and has a large number of market demand, with broad creative space. In the process of pattern creation, based on the original creative techniques, we should further absorb some cultural values of modern society and reflect modern civilization. Only in this way can we further carry forward the aesthetic culture of craft ceramics, enrich the creative system of industrial ceramics and add new creative inspiration.

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